How to make glazing of hair in house conditions

How to make glazing of hair in house conditions

Glazing of hair is the procedure allowing not only to give to hair healthy appearance, but also to saturate them with ceramides. During its carrying out each hair is enveloped by thin glaze coat.

It is required to you

  • - activator;
  • - coloring dye;
  • - stabilizer;
  • - hair conditioner;


  1. Before starting glazing of hair wash up the head, dry it towel and put the vitamin mask suitable your type of hair. Through half of hour wash away it infusion of flowers of camomile or broth of nettle.
  2. Pour in pan the activator and coloring dye in the ratio 2:1. Carefully mix these ingredients. As a result at you gel mix, with hardly noticeable nacreous shades has to turn out. Pay attention that it has to be without availability of vials of air.
  3. Put on medical gloves hands. You apply with brush glaze on hair in the direction from roots to tips. Try to distribute it as much as possible evenly. Then wrap the head polyethylene film and towel. In 20 minutes the structure will get into structure of hair. Wash up the head without use of detergents and accurately get wet with terry towel. If glaze was coloring, then process hair the stabilizer. It will help to keep for a long time color bright and saturated. In 5-10 minutes carefully wash out hair.
  4. For fixing of result from the procedure of glazing apply the moistening conditioner on hair. He will create protective film, will enhance gloss and will facilitate combing of hair. Apply the conditioner on all length of hair. Most carefully process it tips. It is not necessary to wash away it. If your brittle hair, strongly drops out, is injured, instead of the conditioner apply on them nutritious mask which part vitamins, particle antioxidants reflecting light are.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team