How to make gold manicure

How to make gold manicure

Gold manicure – it is bright, refined, brilliant. There are many ways of putting gold varnish: golden patterns, service jacket, vegetable decor, leopard print. It is possible to use rhinestones, spangles, acrylic paints, gel pens. From above the turned-out beauty is set surely by finishing covering. Gold is capable to decorate everything, and gold manicure will give to all your image shine!

Gold service jacket

The French manicure was fallen in love by much. The classical option is gentle basis and white strips on tips of nails. And here it is possible to make the ends gold. The basis can be pastel or bright – on your discretion. The service jacket habitual to much will play new paints! By the way, varnish can be taken for processing of the zone "smiles" gold, and it is possible to use gold spangles or gold powder. It will be beautiful to look also gold service jacket with flock – execution options much!

Golden flowers

Cover nails with red varnish, from above make in gold color easy dabs, imitating flower petals. Trace contour of petals black varnish (it is possible to use gel pen), paste gold rhinestones in the center. Fix the got job. The flower can be drawn on one nail accent or to represent them on all marigold. It is possible to look at design of flowers on the Internet or to think up unique compositions. And the easiest way for beginners is to buy special translated stickers.

Animal print

Gold will be suitable for reconstruction of leopard print. Cover nail with several layers of gold varnish, dry. Draw brown specks, imitating skin of leopard. Mix transparent varnish with golden spangles, bring part of specks, and decorate the rest with droplet in the middle. The remained brown space can be painted over orange spangles. Circle part of specks with black contours, fix work. If it is difficult to you to draw such print, it is possible to use cliches which will simplify to you task.

Solar sands

Cover marigold with transparent basis. Draw vertical waves (color has to be ruby), along the center of nail make transparent strip of spangles of gold color. Further it is necessary to trace contour of waves gold paint, along contour it is required to put decreasing in volume of point. And it is possible to use golden caviar beads (these are such small beads for creation of design of nails). Put the fixing covering and admire the golden sands which are beautifully poured in the sun! Such manicure looks nobly, will be suitable for some celebration.

Of course, it is possible just to use gold varnish with effect metallic – it will turn out not less beautifully! Only it is necessary to do monophonic manicure on well processed marigold with beautiful form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team