How to make gradient on nails

How to make gradient on nails

Manicure is integral part of the woman and if it also is allocated, then it always draws attention. Gradient manicure looks amazingly, and it especially is convenient that at growth of nail plate the transition will be absolutely imperceptible.

It is required to you

  • - UF-lamp (LED lamp);
  • - basic covering;
  • - color covering;
  • - top covering;
  • - spangles in tone of color covering;
  • - fan brush;
  • - brush for spangles;
  • - liquid for removal of sticky layer;
  • - sponge;


1. Nail plate it is necessary to process, give the necessary form, length in advance and to degrease. We block nail plate basic covering, we delete all surplus by means of orange stick. We dry in the UF-lamp one minute (in LED to lamp 30 sec.).

2. Then we apply color covering, but not on all nail, and only to the middle or on 2/3.

3. By means of fan brush, vkhlapyvayushchy movements slightly we shade border between color covering and nail plate. It is necessary to remove obvious transition and to receive preparation for gradient. After that we dry in lamp two minutes.

4. After that it is necessary to take spangles and flat brush. On brush we gather a few spangles, and then we impose these spangles on sticky layer of color covering. At free edge of nail it is necessary to impose more densely to receive more dark shade, and to cuticle we nullify the spread spangles. We brush away surplus of spangles dry-brush and we block nail colourless varnish or basic covering. We dry couple of minutes in lamp.

5. We cover our gradient with top covering. We dry in lamp no more than three minutes.

6. We delete sticky layer by means of sponge and liquid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team