How to make hair curly without chemical wave

How to make hair curly without chemical wave

Many women, wishing to change the image, resort to hairdressing. Most often use chemical wave which does considerable harm to hair. However it is possible to create romantic curls and in house conditions, without resorting to chemistry.

Hairdressing methods

The chemical wave is impact on hair special means which get into structure of hair, destroying it, and do curls soft and pliable. Oxidizer which is applied on the hair wound on hair curlers returns them density and elasticity and gives the necessary form. Unfortunately, the chemical wave spoils and dries hair. Tips of hair after the procedure begin to split.

Now in beauty shops it is possible to make biological hairdressing which is considered more sparing and safe procedure. In it even the restoring medicines which part natural ingredients are are used. However the biowave is aggressive impact on hair too. Besides this process takes a lot of time and costs quite much.

There are thermal ways of hairdressing. These are waves by means of the curling iron, the iron or thermohair curlers. You should not use such receptions of hairdressing often, as hair are exposed to strong high-temperature influence that breaks their structure and dries. When using curling tongs, the iron or thermohair curlers surely you apply thermoprotective equipment on hair.

How to twist hair in house conditions

The easiest way of hairdressing of the house is weaving of braids. For large wave it is possible to braid one braid for the night, for smaller – a little. It is possible to twist hair on finger: locks of hair twist on finger, then are fixed by invisible beings or clips. It is possible to twirl locks of hair flagellums and also to fix them by invisible beings. One more popular way of wave – by means of hairpins. Locks of hair wind on hairpins the eight and fix the invisible being. It is possible to twist hair and the help of hairpin "twister". The most popular method of hairdressing in house conditions is the wave on hair curlers. You can use various hair curlers, proceeding from length of your hair and result which you want to reach. In independence of way of wave which you will choose for successful result it is necessary to follow number of rules. It is necessary to twist dry hair and better to use styling sprays since they allow to keep wave longer. Depending on type and structure of your hair process of wave can take from 1 to 6 hours therefore it is better to do wave for the night. If you use hair curlers or hair curlers, then it will not give inconvenience. At any way after removal of hairpins or hair curlers it is not necessary to comb hair at all – just shake up hairstyle hands.

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