How to make hair dressing

How to make hair dressing

The modern woman daily passes through such process as hair dressing. That hair looked stylish and is well-groomed to resort to services of the hairdresser or stylist optional. The great result can achieve independently and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Skin for laying, the hair dryer, special hairbrush for laying, hairspray


  1. Wash up the head in the way, habitual for you. It is the best of all to do laying on clean hair.
  2. Comb slightly moist hair. Do it very accurately not to damage structure of hair as wet hair are extremely sensitive.
  3. Apply on hair skin for laying. It is better to put skin on all length. Evenly to distribute means for laying use hairbrush.
  4. Leave the lower locks, and collect other hair in bunch that they did not disturb you. Wind locks on special hairbrush for laying and dry their phenom. When you lay the lower locks, release the following, and so gradually move up, yet there will be styled hair.
  5. Set the received result by means of hairspray. It is necessary that your hairstyle as long as possible remained.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team