How to make hair is more dense

How to make hair is more dense

If the nature has not awarded you with smart dense head of hear as in shampoo advertizing, do not despair. To create such volume and density quite really and independently, the main thing is to stock up with patience. Six simple steps, six months (yes, process not too fast, but is worth it) – and you are surprised to result.

The first step: regular hairstyle

It is not obligatory to cut off in large quantities, the main thing is to cut off the whipped and damaged tips. It will a little facilitate growth of hair and, of course, will give more esthetic look to all head of hear. As your task – density, but not length, the more often you will cut tips, the effect will be more noticeable.

Cutting hair at least once a month, you will create illusion of additional volume. But even cutting regularly split ends, you should not forget about reducing agents for them.

The second step: vitamins for hair

It is necessary not only to apply vitamins to providing hair with nutrients in the form of masks or other hair preparations, but also to accept inside. Thickness and density of your head of hear are influenced by vitamin A (it is best of all acquired in the form of beta carotene), C, B5, zinc, iron, silicon and sulfur. It is possible to use both vitamin complexes, and dietary supplements. Proceeding from their structure, you can pick up to yourself the means covering the needs of hair for useful substances. However it must be kept in mind that you will not see instant effect: the organism needs time to save up vitamins B necessary quantities and also that they have begun to act. Vitamin therapy for hair differs in the bigger duration of course, than others: you need, at least, three months to receive though some result, after the fourth month it is necessary to take break for month and to repeat course.

The third step: providing hair with construction material

Hair generally consist of keratin - it is protein on the basis of amino acids which inflow to organism and needs to be strengthened. Surely include in the diet meat, fish, oats, sunflower seeds sunflower and pumpkin, millet, buckwheat, bean cultures, milk and eggs. It is also possible to take the drugs containing amino acids - the benefit, the modern industry of beauty offers quite extensive choice.

The fourth step: correct shampoo

There are three options, and it is possible both to use them separately, and to combine especially as they successfully each other supplement: Natural replacement to shampoo. It can be mustard, egg yolks, soap nut or other "national" shampoos. Shampoos with the revitalizing effect. Such means are on sale in drugstores or shops of professional cosmetics and cost expensive, but also it is necessary to use them infrequently therefore they will last to you for a long time. Organic bessulfatny shampoos. No brands which are widely provided in shops even children's shampoos promote improvement of hair as are to a greater or lesser extent saturated sulfates which harm hair. Remember that whatever shampoo you used, you should not wash the head more often than once in two-three days as you wash away the thin fat film developed by head skin and protecting hair in the natural way.

The fifth step: correct leaving

The necessary minimum for maintenance of health of hair is shampoo, balm and mask. The main thing is to pick up correctly means according to type of your hair and problem. Means for oily hair will not bring benefit dry and vice versa. It is also very useful to rinse after each washing hair with broths of herbs or infusion of green tea.

The sixth step: lecithin masks

It is usual egg yolk which is applied on moist hair for 1 hour two times a week. Thanks to the lecithin which is contained in it, the yolk perfectly condenses hair, doing it it is much thicker and heavier. Wash away yolk from hair only cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team