How to make hair is more dense by means of pepper tincture

How to make hair is more dense by means of pepper tincture

From time immemorial the dense bush of hair was the main attribute of appeal of any beauty. In modern conditions of the woman continue to make various efforts for giving of additional volume to hair. One of them – usual pepper tincture which can be found in any drugstore or even to prepare independently.

Thanks to active agents, pepper tincture influences head skin as intensive "irritant". Getting into epidermis, the sharpness of burning pepper leads to increase in blood supply of roots of hair, thereby follicles begin to work more intensively. On the one hand it leads to acceleration of growth of hair, at the same time – awakens the so-called "the sleeping hair bulbs".

Meanwhile, it is necessary to remember that application of pepper tincture can lead to loss of the weakened hairs. That to prevent it, before complex of pepper masks it is necessary to conduct nutritious course within two weeks. At this time it is necessary with frequency of times in three days to put masks on the basis of sour cream, essential oils and nettle infusions.

For preparation of pepper tincture it is necessary to take 500 g of vodka and 3 fresh pods of burning pepper. Pepper together with seeds is small crushed in the blender before formation of homogeneous mass. The thick needs to be placed in vessel with dense cover and to fill in with vodka. In week the structure should be filtered through sieve and to pour in vessel.

Besides, in drugstores it is possible to buy already ready pepper infusion which is released at stretchings and frostbites. Difference of factory pepper brandy from prepared in house conditions minimum because both of these products prepare from natural components with only that difference that pharmaceutical pepper brandy infuses on medical alcohol. The pepper mask is applied on dirty hair. When causing structure on roots it is important to use disposable polyethylene gloves. Having moistened with small amount of infusion cotton pad, means should be applied to head skin strictly on hair partings. After that the structure remains on hair within 20 minutes then it needs to be washed away enough shampoo. Frequency of drawing mask – once a week. The obvious effect will be visible in three months when the wakened hairs reach length 1-2 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team