How to make hair more dense

How to make hair more dense

Beautiful and thick hair - dream of any woman. But various factors negatively are reflected in condition of head of hear. Exists a lot of enough effective ways for giving of volume.

How to give volume to hairstyle? Visually various modern methods help to make hair more dense. The most widespread way is building to certain density. Two technicians of building allocate: cold and hot. As a rule, after such procedure the beautiful head of hear keeps about 2 — 3 months depending on many factors.

Use of laid on locks for creation of hairstyle – simple and available method. By means of special hairpins of lock fasten to the bulk of hair. The locks made of natural hair look rather naturally and beautifully.

When choosing laid on locks it is necessary to consider own color and structure of hair. House ways for strengthening the volostonky and weakened hair demand the strengthened food. For beautiful and dense curls it is regularly necessary to nourish head skin vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. At the expense of it they break, split less, healthy gloss appears. For improvement of structure folk remedies are effective: - do massage of the head with use of cedar oil; - before washing of the head rub mix of 1 tsp of burdock oil, 1 tsp of castor oil, 2 tsps of lemon juice; - use broths of officinal herbs (sage, camomile, nettle) for rinsing. The barmy mask is applied to stimulation of hair bulbs. For this purpose mix 1 tsp of yeast, 1 egg yolk, 2-3 tablespoons of broth of camomile (for fair hair) or St. John's wort broth (for dark hair). Put mix for 1-2 hours to the warm place that yeast has begun to foam. Then add 1 tablespoon of burdock oil and 10 drops of favourite essential oil. Smear with means roots of hair, and then distribute mix on all length. In half an hour wash away warm water. The mask from almonds increases density of hair. Crush half of glass of nuts, add small amount of warm milk before formation of kashitseobrazny consistence. Apply the received mix for 1-2 hours, and then wash away from hair. The condition of head of hear is favorably influenced by fermented milk products. Kefir, curdled milk, whey, sour cream is most often used. At regular drawing such masks the hair will become more dense and strong. Fermented milk products can be part of masks and balms or to be used as independent means. To grow thick hair, conform to the simple rules: - do not wash the head with hot water; - do not use tap water for washing; - use headdresses in cold and hot season; - wash less often hair as shampoo thins structure.

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