How to make hair strong

How to make hair strong

The condition of hair of the person is influenced by set of negative factors: ecology, improper feeding, use of chemical means for laying and coloring. To make hair strong and healthy, it is enough to take some preventive measures. Regular care for them has to become useful habit.

It is required to you

  • - castor, burdock, olive oil;
  • - mustard powder, tincture of red pepper;
  • - egg;
  • - camomile flowers, nettle leaves.


  1. Include in the food allowance fresh vegetables, especially, carrots and beet; bean – lentil, haricot, green peas; beef liver; fermented milk products and butter. From sweets give preference to halvah and dried fruits.
  2. Before washing up hair, comb them diversely massage brush. Once a week instead of shampoo use house means for washing of hair. For its preparation fill in with hot water several pieces of rye bread. After it softens, add yolk of one egg on 1 glass of the received weight. Carefully mix and apply on roots of hair. Put on the warming cap and take 20-30 minutes. Then wash away. Rinse hair with broth of nettle, camomile or cones of hop. Let's hair dry naturally.
  3. Regularly do masks for hair. Include vegetable oils in their structure: burdock, castoric or olive; vitamins A and E. For increase in efficiency add powder of mustard or tincture of red pepper – they warm head skin and allow nutrients to work more deeply. The simplest of such masks contains 4 tablespoons of castor oil, 2 yolks and 1 teaspoon of powder of mustard. After drawing mask put on polyethylene hat for shower hair and roll up the head warm towel. You hold mask on hair no more than 3 hours. Wash away it the shampoo suitable for your type of hair.
  4. Beer or broth of seeds of flax can become fine replacement to chemical styling sprays. For broth preparation fill in 2 tablespoons of seeds with 2 glasses of water. You boil on slow fire of 10 minutes. Filter and apply on moist hair. Stack in the way, habitual for you.
  5. Protect hair from negative impact of the sun. You carry headdresses or use umbrella. After bathing in the sea surely wash away residues of salt from hair.

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