How to make hairdressing

How to make hairdressing

It would seem what can be simpler, than it is beautiful to twist hair? But certain knowledge and even skill are in this case necessary - only then gentle, elastic curls will please also you, and people around! So, we will be adjusted and we will start independent hairdressing.


  1. That curls were elastic and held form as long as possible, you should pay attention to daily leaving. Beautiful curls will hardly turn out on the dried-up hair - they will be just scattered. Therefore we try to wash the head with special shampoo and the conditioner which contain the moistening elements. The hair saturated with moisture holds form much longer, plus curls will be beautiful and brilliant.
  2. So, just before laying it is the best of all to wash up the head. Whether you knew small secret thanks to which hair will be fluffy much less? Here it: rinse the head cool (or even cold) clear water, curls will be much more elastic!
  3. You should not comb long wet hair right after washing - they will stretch. Wrap the head soft towel approximately for 10 minutes better, let's moisture be absorbed, and then let hair will dry up independently.
  4. For effective wave it is better not to use mousses or skins, and to give the preference to soft creams or special sprays on gel basis. So, we apply means on hair and we divide them into rather large locks.
  5. Exists several all the known ways of hairdressing. For example, hair curlers. Carefully wind each lock on hair curlers of the size suitable you (large - for large curls, and small - for small curls), not strongly pulling and pulling together hair, leave before full drying. However, at lack of time you can help hair to dry by means of warm stream of the hair dryer.
  6. If you have decided to use curling tongs, then do not forget that for these purposes the laying means has to be with thermoprotective effect, and nippers - by all means high quality. If you are going to style hair with their help rather often, then spend for high-quality enrollment with ceramic covering and possibility of the choice of temperature. It is very important not to overdry hair and not to overdo on them nippers, otherwise curls will get out of shape and will be scattered much quicker.
  7. after the end of laying you should not comb curls, it is better to divide accurately them fingers and to sprinkle slightly the fixing varnish. Your hairstyle is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team