How to make hairstyle short flight of stairs

How to make hairstyle short flight of stairs

Today hairdressers are capable to create hairstyles and to do hairstyles practically to any complexity. One of the most popular among female representatives is the hairstyle the short flight of stairs having special technology of execution.

First of all it is necessary to distinguish hairstyles short flight of stairs and cascade which have similar lines, but at the same time are created differently. Short flight of stairs or gradient - multistage and multilayer hairstyle at which hair are located locks in the form of steps. It is possible to cut hair short flight of stairs as in simple, and more difficult look. The simple equipment assumes collecting of hair in front or on the top in tail and shortening at one stroke of scissors that can be enough for hairstyle of the child or the owner of curly hair. More difficult short flight of stairs is made in the form of division of hair into locks and cuttings next so that each following was slightly longer than previous.

Cascade - even more difficult hairstyle in workmanship which analog is the she-wolf model, popular in Soviet period. Locks at temples become shorter, and lower – long that creates frame of the person locks of hair of various length. Underlining of transition between locks different length, but not its smoothing, as at short flight of stairs becomes one more characteristic. Sticking out locks of the different size are represented highlight of cascade hairstyle.

Before beginning to cut hair short flight of stairs in classical look, they need to be divided into 5 groups accurately: bang zone, occipital and two temporal zones on each side. Fix them, using special hairpins clips. Begin to cut one of occipital zones, located closer to you. Fingers of free hand extend hair towards yourself, having straightened edges. The lower lock at the same time will be the main for the subsequent, and on it it is necessary to cut the following in this zone. Cut the subsequent locks of occipital zone on radial hair partings and begin to bring up them to the main lock. So you will be able to create lengthening on the person. You hold scissors directly accurately to straighten hair.

Beginning hairstyle of hair on temples, bring up them to hair parting on the center and shear at right angle. Be guided by length set earlier and continue to extend hair on the person. Remove unnecessary locks by means of hairpins. Comb hair after hairstyle, using hairbrush with small cloves that carefully and in time to correct shortcomings.

Locks in zone of bang should be cut also at right angle. Do it exactly and accurately, being guided by shape of bang which suits this face type. Execute straightening of hairstyle, using Poynting's equipment and slaysing and using deckle-edged special scissors of edges. So you will make transition between locks smoother and equal, and hair – are more volume.

Lay hairstyle by means of round brush and the hair dryer, having given them desirable volume. Tighten up tips of hair in internal or in outer side. After drying it is necessary to shake by the head that locks have laid down naturally. Check smoothness of transitions between locks and if necessary accurately straighten them with scissors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team