How to make hands is longer

How to make hands is longer

graceful, beautiful by nature, long slender fingers are the real ornament for the woman. Unfortunately, not everyone can brag of them. If your hands have any shortcomings, then just learn to hide them. Length of hands can be increased visually, knowing some cunnings.


  1. First of all correctly put on. The clothes if it is good to pick up it, are capable to work wonders. Remember several simple rules. The hand is visually shortened by clothes of dark coloring, and extend - light. If you have too thin hands, then choose dresses with long sleeve. Besides, avoid dresses and jackets with large puffs and also with cowl necks. If you have big, massive brush, and wrists thin, then give preference to clothes with sleeve, flared to bottom. And it is desirable that it covered palm directly prior to the beginning of thumb. Girls with short hands cannot carry too full sleeves and high cuffs. The sleeve which is slightly narrowed from top to bottom and also terminating will approach wrists are a little lower.
  2. Besides, it is necessary and it is correct to select manicure. It has to suit you in shape of fingers and your palm. If your nails and fingers are shorter, than it would be desirable, then use nacreous light shades of varnishes. At the same time you remember small cunning: it is not necessary to paint over edges of nails. It should be noted that light pink shades of varnish which are completely similar to natural color of nail plate allow to achieve effect of lengthening of palm. If you have small fingers with narrow nails, then try to use brightly red varnish. And you apply it on all surface of nail. Narrow marigold can be expanded visually if to execute on them the French manicure. Fingers can be made visually longer if to remove cuticle and side thin skin on nails. Try to put strip of dark varnish in the middle of nail plate. And leave from sides it not made up.
  3. It is possible to give to hand charm and elegance by means of jewelry. If hand wrist thin, then give preference to thin, graceful bracelets. If fingers short, then it is not recommended to carry rings with vertical design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team