How to make hardware pedicure

How to make hardware pedicure

Now itself can make good, professional pedicure and in house conditions. For this purpose it is enough to use the special device with nozzles. Of course, it is possible to look after legs and in the old manner – by means of scissors, nail file, pumice and bath. But if you get acquainted with opportunities and benefits of this technical novelty, you do not want to come back to old any more especially as it is easy to use it.


  1. First of all remove old varnish from nails and wash up legs. It is not necessary to soar them not to hammer with moist skin abrasive material. Therefore after washing very well dry foot. It is not necessary to apply you usual cream or lotion too.
  2. Before the procedure process foot special disinfectant which will prevent accidental entering of infection when performing pedicure.
  3. Apply softening agent which you can buy in cosmetic shop on skin of foot and cuticle. It influences the died-off horn cages, facilitating their subsequent removal.
  4. Accurately process leather with the keratosic sites on stupnyakh, around nails and near the near-nail roller by means of grinding nozzles of various size (diameter).
  5. Straighten with one of the smallest nozzles cuticle, raising it special stick. Truncate and straighten nails, filing them mills with average and small abrasive. By means of nozzle brush clean nails. Them grind surface by means of rubber nozzle for polish of nail plate.
  6. If on your stupnyakh there are callosities or natoptysh, process them special small pine forest. Do not worry: around them you do not injure live skin. Apply tincture from callosities which will dissolve corn root on the opening drilled by pine forest.
  7. Process cracks on heels. For this purpose from their edges layer-by-layer remove the keratosic skin. The formed thin layer of vulnerable skin will return to normal quicker if you finish the procedure of processing of cracks imposing of compress or massage with use of ointment which contains panthenol, lanolin and some essential oils, for example, eucalyptus, rosemary, camomile.
  8. Cosmetologists also recommend to use paraffin masks for legs: apply paraffin with thick layer on feet, wind them with cellophane and put on dense socks. You can replace paraffin with nutritious cream. Through quarter of hour take off socks and cellophane.
  9. Apply on cotton wool means for varnish removal to degrease the surface of nail and to improve coupling of varnish with nail plate. Then cover nails with several varnish coats or some medical basis (in this case means is not necessary for removal of varnish).
  10. Usually after hardware pedicure the keratosic layer of skin is formed more slowly therefore often you should not do this procedure. Will be once in three weeks enough. If to carry out pedicure more often, the skin having ability of restoration will quicker form new keratosic layer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team