How to make highlighting to the brunette

How to make highlighting to the brunette

Highlighting on hair of dark color is always relevant. By means of it it is possible to create romantic or extravagant image, to refresh dark hair color and to add brightness. In house conditions the highlighting can be made in different ways. What to choose from them, depends on length and type of hair.

It is required to you

  • Paint for highlighting, foil, gloves, brush, hat, shampoo, the conditioner.


  1. The best paint for highlighting - bezammiachny. It does not harm hair, and only fills them with pigment. If you have long hair, carry out highlighting by means of foil. On average the procedure lasts about three hours. Take long strips of foil 7-10 cm wide. Mix paint with oxidizer according to the instruction. Carry out highlighting from hair parting. Arrange foil on the head, get thin lock by means of tip of hairbrush and put it on foil. Take the following lock through some distance from the first. On one layer of foil can be located to 4-ekh locks. You watch that all of them were equal.
  2. After the lock has appeared on foil, apply on it the painting structure. Then wrap foil. You can fix foil by means of clips for hair that it has not revealed ahead of time. Streak the central part of hair first of all, then you pass to the right and left side. In the last turn carry out highlighting of back locks. You hold paint from 15 to 40 minutes. It depends on what shade you want to receive. After the necessary time remove foil and wash away paint from hair. Wash up all head shampoo and apply good balm on hair.
  3. Now on dark hair the creative highlighting is in gold, coral, blue or red color fashionable. In this case the melirovanny locks, the better will be thinner. Rare highlighting is ideal for contrast locks. If you carry out traditional highlighting by neutral shades, rare and small drawing will lead to the fact that the result will practically merge with natural hair color. But such hair will naturally look. One of the most widespread mistakes is highlighting only of upper part of hair. At the movements of the head or wind the hair lay down differently. And when continuous color opens, it looks very much not beautifully.
  4. One more way of highlighting for long hair which is applied in house conditions: around. Cut out circle from cardboard, make in it opening and extend in it part of hair. Accurately distribute locks around and paint them. Then wrap hair foil and you hold certain time. After that wash locks with water, and then shampoo with the conditioner.
  5. If you have short dark hair, carry out highlighting through hat. Put on cap, stretch locks of hair through openings in hat. Consider that holes in hat are located very close. Therefore for rare highlighting extend lock through each 3 openings, for average highlighting extend locks through one opening. And if you stretch locks in all openings, the result of highlighting will be very intensive. After time leaves, wash away paint, without taking off hat. Later move away her and wash up the head shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team