How to make house night face cream

How to make house night face cream

In shops wide choice of skin care products of the person, but whether it is possible to be sure of their usefulness and efficiency? House face cream has advantages before purchased. Therefore arm with the necessary components and do it.

In arsenal of the woman watching the appearance it is obligatory to eat face cream. But even buying expensive conditioning agents behind skin, not always receive the expected result. For persons interested to look well-groomed and it is young, possible, the house cream made on the basis of natural oils will be pleasant. The reliable recipe checked not by one generation of beauties. Almost all components of cream contain oils therefore it turns out slightly zhirnovaty, it is better to use it at night. 

Spermaceti is received from fat of cetacea, is on sale in the form of paraffin pieces. It is possible to replace with sperm cream or Kitalan (synthetic spermaceti). Despite artificial origin Kitalan has characteristics of animal spermaceti.

Vaseline eliminates peeling, heals wounds, in its structure are available vaseline oil, tsezerin, paraffin.

Lanolin anhydrous – the natural product received from the boiled-down sheep wool. It is used in fat creams as emulsifier. Lanolin nourishes and softens skin, removes tightness and peeling.

Cocoa butter exclusively natural, receive it from grains of cocoa beans. Cocoa butter positively influences skin, humidifies and feeds it, does elastic and smooth. It is widely applied in cosmetics, in cream for face of house preparation will be very by the way.

Peach oil is received from kernels of stones of peach, it contains the most valuable fatty acids, vitamins of groups E and B. Oil affects face skin as antioxidant therefore it is used in age creams. And what pleasant gentle smell oil gives to cream! In house nutritious cream instead of peach it is possible to use any other cosmetic oil.

Business remained behind small: connect all components in equal quantities – nutritious face cream is ready. As it from natural products also does not contain preservatives, long is not stored. Do it in the small portions, about 20-25 grams, you put for the night on face thick layer. You store residues of cream in the fridge. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team