How to make ideal manicure

How to make ideal manicure

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Ideally well-groomed nails given a high polish or varnished will give to hands grace, and in all image – completeness and harmony. Good manicure can be made in salon, however in house conditions it is not worse to turn out. Buy high-quality tools, care products and stock up with patience. Perfect manicure and deserved compliments of people around will become award to you.

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1. Prepare all necessary for manicure. You can use bezobrezny or combined method of processing of nails. The last is more preferable to the dipped hands – it will allow to put quickly in order cuticle and near-nail rollers.

2. Correct length and shape of nails. Today square nails with the accurate or rounded edges or plates in the form of soft oval are relevant. Optimum length of free edge – one-two millimeters. However a lot of things depend on shape of nails and appearance of hands. Chubby fingers can be "extended" visually narrow extended nails, and thin look especially gracefully with short manicure.

3. Accurately file nails the glass or ceramic file which is not stratifying plate. If one nail has broken, it is necessary to truncate and the others – their length has to be identical.

4. Fill with warm water deep bowl, drip quality shampoo or liquid soap there and shake up foam. Ship fingers in water and take them about 5 minutes. Wipe fingers towel and start manicure.

5. Apply special liquid or gel on cuticle. Wait minute and process cuticle stick from orange tree. The died-off skin can be scratched out, and to remove the remained cuticle, extending nail bed. Too expanded cuticle is deleted with sharp nippers or cuticle scissors. Try to cut off skin thin rag – so you will avoid appearance of painful agnails.

6. If on fingers there are cracks, scratches and rough dry skin, try hot compresses from paraffin. Kindle the bar bought in drugstore and dip into soft weight fingers so that on their tips "caps" have turned out. Sit 10-15 minutes and remove the stiffened paraffin. Such compresses will strengthen nails and will make skin around them smooth.

7. Rub in nails and skin around them oil for cuticle. Carefully mass fingers, rubbing oil before hollow absorption. After that it is possible to polish nail plate with special bar slightly. Act carefully not to injure fingers. Polishing bar or file will remove grooves on nails and will longer allow varnish to keep.

8. Degrease nails the tampon moistened in liquid for varnish removal. Cover plate with layer of protective coating and dry it. Choose color varnish of suitable shade. If you do not want to update manicure each one-two days, prefer enamel of neutral color or varnish with delicate glitter – they to keep longer and hide small flaws of manicure.

9. If you are sure that you will be able accurately and exactly to make up nails, choose bright or dark varnish. The dense covering can be put in one layer, and translucent will demand two-three-layer coloring.

10. Dip brush in varnish, remove surplus, having slightly rubbed off it about bottle neck. You apply enamel with three sure strokes, moving from cuticle to edge of nail. The first stroke lays down in the center of plate, two the subsequent its side parts paint over. Having finished, gather a little varnish on brush and accurately carry out by it on edge of nail, kind of sealing it. It will save you from the untidy white strips especially noticeable at bright or dark manicure.

11. Dip tip of wooden stick in liquid for removal of varnish and level enamel at cuticle, removing small roughnesses and drips. Apply thick layer of top with effect of luster on fresh covering. Choose means which not only protects manicure, but also quickly dries up varnish.

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