How to make legs ideal in house conditions

How to make legs ideal in house conditions

The female body is unique the fact that practically each its part is attractive to men's look. Daily leaving is demanded not only by the face which is considered as the business card of each woman, and not only hand capable to give true age of the woman or even to increase it, but also legs. The maximum attention to legs needs to be paid with approach of warm season, differently it will not turn out to put on sandals or any other open footwear.

Home care of legs: procedures for every day

Care for skin of legs has to be systematic, at the same time for each procedure it is enough take away at most 15-30 minutes.

For fatigue removal, especially when carrying heels, it is recommended to do foot bathtubs. They are necessary for preparation for pedicure. As additives it is possible to use practical any ingredients:

  • salt;
  • essential oils;
  • broths of herbs;
  • mustard;
  • toilet soap.

At the initial stage water has to be hotter (exception are baths at varicosity and inflammatory processes), and it is the best of all to finish the procedure douche of legs cold water. Also contrast baths which require 2 tanks – with cold and hot water are recommended. Legs will need to be lowered at first in hot water, and then in cold. Such procedure is necessary not only for appearance legs, but also for hardening of organism in general.

In the course of steaming of legs by means of pumice it is necessary to remove the keratosic particles of skin. Further it is possible to start pedicure. Leg care will be more effective if after baths and pedicure to apply the cream (moisturizing, nutritious or medical) and to make massage.

Care for heels of legs

Frequent summer problem is the dryness of heels and emergence on them of cracks which not only spoil appearance of legs, but also cause discomfort, causing pain at each step. First of all it is necessary to check whether you have fungus or other problems with skin, and then to start leaving as a result of which the Piglet will become beautiful and smooth.

Care for heels of legs begins with hot baths. As soon as skin softens, it is possible to start skin processing by pumice. It is not necessary to scrape off fanatically during the first procedure from heels all coarsened skin. It is better to do it gradually, during several procedures. After processing it is necessary to apply with pumice nutritious cream on legs. Perfectly vegetable oil – sunflower or olive struggles with dryness. It is the best of all to put it before going to bed, carefully massing legs (especially problem areas). Then it is necessary to put on cotton socks, and from above – woolen. After several procedures of heel will become gentle as if at the baby.

Leg care products: what to choose?

The correct leg care assumes also the competent choice of cosmetics. It can be the national recipes or means providing professional leg care checked by time. The last, as a rule, possess narrowly targeted action, for example, natoptysh treat, save from blisters or callosities, help with treatment of fungus. The choice depends on the available problem and result which you want to achieve.

The main rule – find for legs a little time every day, then any problems will avoid you, and all summer it will be possible to sport in open sandals, without hesitating to show all well-groomed and beautiful legs with ideal pedicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team