How to make light lips

How to make light lips

Designer makeup artists offers every season fashionistas new, interesting options of make-up, and the last collections of decorative cosmetics from the known fashion houses help to realize these design decisions. During the last seasons the image of the brittle, romantic person, a little painful, but gentle is relevant. Such effect not only by means of clothes is reached, but also by means of make-up when lips look very light, and on face only eyes are excreted.

It is required to you

  • - pencil for lips of corporal or light-beige tone,
  • - the pencil for lips is one tone more dark, than the first;
  • - foundation of light tone;
  • - special nude lipstick or very light;
  • - transparent opaque lip gloss.


1. Style of putting decorative cosmetics when color of lips light and practically merges with tone of skin, nude is called (from fr. – naked). If you have decided to use this option of make-up, then consider that he is especially effective in case your skin rather well-groomed and equal, has good color. Therefore take care previously of leveling tone of skin and to pick up foundation of such shade not to look painfully and neukhozhenno.

2. Moisten lips with special means or balm. Do not forget about it as from foundation skin of lips dries and after a while there is feeling of its windburn and dehydration. Apply on them foundation which you used for the person. Its number should not be large. Carefully shade it uniform layer on lips. Wait a little that cream was absorbed in skin of lips, then blot surplus with dry napkin.

3. Take pencil for lips of the lightest tone and accurately circle with it contour, having slightly receded for the natural line of lips. Sketch lips this pencil, slightly concerning their surface. It is not necessary to press strongly. Shade pencil sponge.

4. Circle lips on contour with more dark pencil for lips. It though more dark, but should not be too bright. Optimum, if its tone is brought closer to natural tone of your lips. Apply lipstick on lips or cover them with opaque gloss. Well picked up gloss to smoritsya more easily and naturally, than lipstick.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team