How to make lips is more volume? Gymnastics for lips

Many of us dream of beautiful and volume lips. In it there is nothing surprising, lips directly influence the general look. For example, if the person has thin lips, then its look becomes gloomy and also is badly remembered and does not draw attention at all. And to make chubby and attractive, there is special gymnastics.

At once we will make a reservation that we will not talk also about silicone lips which vryad the lm can be ranked as standard of beauty of lips. It is possible if you also pump up" the sponges, they will draw attention, however, not with the beauty, and the fact that occupy half of face and look absolutely unnatural. The little from us the nature makes gift in the form of volume and beautiful lips, but in our forces to correct this situation. For this purpose also the gymnastics for lips has been created.

By the way, the shape of lips can change with age – so, they have every chance to become less volume, to get pale shade and also to lose the elasticity. Such situation when corners of lips fall why the appearance gets print of gloom and cloudiness is also possible. The skin on lips, as well as on all body, becomes flabby why they lose accurately – the outlined lines. And here you will be come to the rescue by national councils of how to give to the lips the beautiful form, but at the same time to avoid services of the plastic surgeon.

The gymnastics for lips is great way of how to make your lips volume and moderately chubby even if the nature has deprived you of it. However, before starting talking about exercises, it is necessary to tell that they have to be systematic, that is be carried out regularly, but not when it will want. Happens so that in several days after the beginning of occupations the woman, without seeing results, throws begun, and in vain, if you reach "up to the end", then have every chance of attractive sponges which will become your pride.

Articulation gymnastics for lips

  • Provide as – as if you blow out the candles on cake. Gather more air and with all force exhale. These exercises it is worth carrying out not less than ten times. Between approaches do small intervals.
  • You need to say letter "O", at the same time having put lips tubule. Having executed its ten – fifteen times, have a rest and repeat still.
  • Inhale in yourself as much as possible air and inflate cheeks. Further you should let out in the small portions the air as – as if falteringly you tell the sound "П". the approximate number of exercises – 15 – 20 times.
  • Try to hold on the lips closed with each other to nose tip. Repeat these exercises of 20 times, serially weakening and straining muscles.
  • Imagine how – as if you are going to kiss, only instead of kiss you need to draw with close lips the imagined eight. The number of repetitions – 20 times. Also you can move them that to the right, to the left.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team