How to make make-up for narrow eyes

How to make make-up for narrow eyes

Many girls, examining itself in mirror, find various defects in the appearance. Thanks to correctly picked up receptions in make-up practically all shortcomings easily are adjusted. Owners not enough big eyes can be helped, having competently executed make-up for narrow eyes which visually will increase them and will add expressiveness to look.

It is required to you

  • - pencils for eyeliner;
  • - shadows of light shades;


  1. For imposing of make-up take pencils for eyeliner and shadow of light shades. It is known several technician of drawing make-up which will allow to expand eyes visually. Some of them should be applied in the afternoon, and others will be suitable for evening more. So, for performance of classical make-up for narrow eyes, use three tones of shadows. You impose the most dark tone on external corner of eye. Allocate fold of century with average tone of shadows, and you impose the lightest shade under eyebrow, is closer to nose bridge. Work with dark shadows more carefully, there will be enough several easy strokes. The surplus of dark shadows can visually reduce eyes, and the light or even pearl shadows put under eyebrow, on the contrary, visually will open them. Do not forget about shading, color transitions should not be sharp.
  2. Bring lower eyelid pencil of light shade with pleasant nacreous gloss – reception not so difficult which allows to increase eyes. Do not use dark eyeliner for lower eyelid, - the dark tone allows to allocate only external corner of eyes.
  3. In the make-up intended for increase in narrow eyes eyelashes have huge value. Long direct eyelashes play against you therefore it is necessary to use tweezers for their podkruchivaniye. You apply ink carefully, do not make heavier eyelash. Cilia on lower eyelid need to be tinted accurately.
  4. Wide heavy eyebrows narrow eyes even more. Give them the form which is the most suitable for your face type and surely remove all excess hairs on nose bridge. In order that eyebrows looked accurately throughout the day, use transparent gel, it will record form.
  5. Carry out contour along eyelashes, receding from edge a little then shade lines a little – this reception allows to expand eyes.
  6. The make-up for narrow eyes at Asian face type is designed not only to increase visually eyes, but also to emphasize their especially beautiful almond-shaped form. Use liquid eyeliner and light shadows with nacreous shade. Emphasize lower eyelid with pencil of light shade which is most combined with shadows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team