How to make manicure ""Cat's eye"" in house conditions

How to make manicure ""Cat's eye"" in house conditions

Manicure "Cat's eye" looks very adequately on nails of any form and length. To the name this type of manicure is obliged to stone to chrysoberyl which is processed in such a way that you can observe the poured patches of light at turn of stone in different directions. Manicure "cat's eye" is externally very similar to the surface of chrysoberyl. Having mastered the simple equipment, you will be able independently to do house manicure.

It is required to you

  • – magnetic gel polish (Bluesky Cat Eye, Kodi, Lianail);
  • – specialized magnet for manicure "cat's eye";
  • – UF-lamp for varnish drying;
  • – liquid for varnish removal;
  • – top gel;
  • – glass nail file;
  • – basic covering;
  • – disks for manicure;
  • – the liquid removing sticky layer.


1. At first it is necessary to prepare nail plate. For this purpose remove the remained varnish by means of special liquid which you usually use for these purposes. Process edges of nail plate nail file for giving of accurate form.

2. When nails are completely fat-free, it is possible to start drawing basic covering. Wait for full drying under the UF-lamp. Further begin to cover each nail plate with magnetic gel polish. It is the most responsible stage as the visual appeal of manicure and effect of cat's eye will depend on quality of covering.

3. If magnetic varnish liquid, then it is worth putting not less than two layers. After the first layer take magnet and bring to nail plate at distance about 1-2 cm. Holding magnet it is close to nail, you will be able to model various drawings which are created thanks to pulling of the magnetic parts which are contained in varnish. Over time at you it will turn out to do easily and quickly original design.

4. After processing by magnet do not forget to dry each nail under the UF-lamp with the purpose to record the turned-out drawing. Further at will put additional varnish coat and too dry.

5. The last stage – covering top and removal of sticky layer. For this purpose use special liquid and disks for manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team