How to make manicure independently in house conditions

How to make manicure independently in house conditions

The well-groomed rivers and faultless manicure are subject of female pride, indicator of health and culture. That your hands always looked faultlessly, it is regularly necessary to look after and maintain behind them their beauty.

Nails often become thinner and break, grow dull and turn yellow, become covered by specks. It is promoted by improper feeding, deficiency of some vitamins and microelements, influence of water and detergents.

The thickening of nails speaks about deterioration in blood circulation, availability of white specks – about deficiency of iron, dim nail plates – about deficiency of moisture. Brown color of nails signals about problems in work of adrenal glands, yellow - meets at diseases of lungs and diabetes, at smokers, at excess of vitamin A, when using color varnish without special basis.

First of all, the healthy look gives to nails the correct manicure.

1. Removal of cuticle. Hands need to be washed up and made warm bath during which the cuticle is softened. Then apply the special structure containing fruit, milk and other acids promoting fast softening and easy removal on it. In 5 minutes the cuticle is removed by means of metal or wooden stick.

2. Processing of nail plate. By means of nail file (avoid metal) the nails file, going from edge to the center, giving the necessary form.

3. Polish of nails. Using special nail file for grinding, the nail plate is polished, doing it to more smooth.

4. Putting varnish. At first nail plates wipe with liquid for varnish removal (avoid use of the liquid containing acetone, better choose means with special oils and vitamins) and put special basis under varnish which will protect nails. Then put with fast longitudinal dabs decorative covering, avoiding hit on skin near nail.

5. Drawing protective coating. After drying of varnish put covering which fixes varnish and adds additional gloss.

And some more useful tips:

- you do not apply varnish in the open air, it dries longer and becomes viscous;

- for fast drying of varnish, nails for some time lower in cold water;

- it is impossible to blow on nails - varnish from it grows dull.

Step by step carrying out manicure in house conditions, you by all means will achieve that your nails looked perfectly, and attracted jaundiced eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team