How to make manicure to ombra

How to make manicure to ombra

Today to surprise nobody with monophonic varnish on nails any more. New technicians do not cease to think out the manicurist. One their such is to ombra - it is multiton manicure of which smooth or sharp transition from one tone to another is characteristic, and the number of such transitions can vary from two and more. That to create it, not obligatory to register in salon, manicure at all the ombra can make also in house conditions.

Such different manicure to ombra

There are two diverse manicures to ombra. The first means change of flowers of varnish from edge of nail to its tip. It can be transition from dark shade to light, or play of contrasts – transition from one color in absolutely opposite. For example, in the first option – from red to dark bardovomu, and in the second – from yellow to saturated color of sea wave.

The second equipment of manicure to ombra is very simple and is transition of shades from one nail to another. It can be both contrast colors, and close shades of one color. Anyway, your nails will not remain unaddressed. The color gradient perfectly looks on nails of any length, including, and on very short.

How to make to ombra on nails

For creation of trend manicure in house conditions, stock up with bright varnishes of at least two tones of one gradient that transition has turned out slightly audible. The it is softer, the your nails will look more harmoniously and more fashionably! It is possible to take pink and orange tone or green and yellow. Also the sponge, or the applicator for shadows is required. The second option is more convenient when using. If there is neither that, nor another, it is possible to take the most ordinary scouring sponge. Only from it it is necessary to cut off small piece for convenience of putting varnish. For a start apply on area around nails any fat cream that then with ease to remove varnish which will inevitably get on near-nail zone. Cover nails with transparent base. After its drying-out apply that varnish which is chosen as primary color. Moisten sponge with a few water that she was not so tough. Apply on it with brush strip of basic varnish and nearby strip of other color. Shade a little limit of two colors that harmonious color transition has turned out. Now the most interesting begins! By accurate movements do varnish prints from sponge on nails. And sponge it is possible to have as lengthways, and across nail plate. Here everything depends on your preferences. After each such stamp immediately cover nails with transparent varnish. It is important! Otherwise manicure will not turn out equal, and will be hillocks. It was necessary to moisten Q-tip in liquid for removal of varnish and to remove excess varnish from skin around nail. For these purposes it is possible to use also the special proofreader. Fashionable manicure to ombra is ready! It can always be added with rhinestones or gloss. This equipment is good the fact that it is possible to organize safely experiments with color scale. Besides, varnish can be applied on sponge not only with strips, but also rhombuses, zigzags, triangles, and then at you every time new improbable forms and combinations will turn out. Believe, the equipment ombra will never bore you. In each of us the creative vein flows, and creation of such manicure will become excellent opportunity to hype up the imagination and, of course, to decorate the nails with exclusive manicure!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team