How to make manicure with own hands

How to make manicure with own hands

Today well-groomed hands are indispensable condition of success in society. The set of salons without problems provides services in performance of any kind of manicure. However constantly to do this procedure in salon – pleasure not of cheap. But it is possible to make manicure and the hands!

It is required to you

  • - manicure set
  • - basis under varnish
  • - nail varnish


1. For this purpose it is necessary to be defined at first what type of manicure you want to receive. The most widespread types of manicure today: simple manicure, French or manicure with pattern on nails.

2. However before passing to putting varnish to nails, they need to be processed: to give the form and to undermine nail file, getting rid thus of hangnails. Nails can give the form in the form of rake or pointed. The last styles promote nails rakes.

3. As for cuticle, professional cosmetologists do not recommend to damage it. It is better to leave cuticle as is as it protects nail from hit of infection and fungus.

4. After nails have been given the form and their edges are processed, it is possible to start putting varnish.

5. Good simple manicure will require basis and varnish of one color. At first the basis is applied on nails, and time for that it has dried on nails is allowed. The basis helps to strengthen nail and to reduce possible stratification. Then varnish is applied on nails accurately in two layers. If to apply it in one layer, then it will appear through and it can give to manicure a little inaccurate look.

6. Performance of the French manicure in house conditions will require special strips stickers, basis and white enamel. At first the basis is applied on nails. Further on nails strips for the French manicure are pasted so that the ends of nails remained free. They become covered with white enamel. After enamel has dried, strips are removed from nails. Nails become covered by colourless basis once again. The French manicure is ready.

7. Performance of manicure with patterns will require basis, two varnishes (it is desirable contrast colors) and needle or one varnish and stickers for nails. As well as in the first two options, nails become covered by basis which on them dries. Then the nail is painted over by varnish of one color in two layers. At once, that varnish on nail has not dried, on it 3–5 drops of varnish of other color are put. By means of the movement of needle on nail these drops turn into patterns. The same manipulations are made with other nails. It is possible not to draw on nails, and to paste special stickers on the second layer of already dried varnish. The option with rhinestones is also possible.

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