How to make marble manicure: 3 easy ways

How to make marble manicure: 3 easy ways

Several years marble manicure remains popular design of neyl-art. Secret – in originality of drawings, variety of flowers, availability. Any girl in house conditions can, having shown identity, to decorate nails with marble texture. And it is not important, it possesses set of expensive care products for nails or has two-three of usual varnishes in collection.

Water marble manicure

The marble design can be made by means of water. Small preparation and certain skill will be required. What has to be available:

  • wide bowl;
  • degreaser or acetone;
  • transparent base;
  • usual varnish – background for the drawing;
  • usual varnish of contrast color of average consistence;
  • silver varnish for achievement of more plausible marble effect;
  • alcohol-containing spray for forming of "streaks on stone";
  • liquid manicure tape or PVA glue, either fat cream, or vaseline;
  • small foam sponge;
  • toothpick;
  • napkin;
  • tweezers;
  • Q-tips;
  • protective nail coating (top).

So, how to do water marble manicure step by step.

  • To execute cut manicure: were washed down nail, having given desirable the form, to remove cuticle. To process the surface of nail grinding nail buffer.
  • To degrease nail plate.
  • To cover nail with base, to allow to dry.
  • To put 1-2 layers of usual varnish as primary color of marble. To dry. It is possible to use gel polish if there is special drying lamp.
  • To process leather around nail and fingertip liquid manicure tape or alternative option.
  • On foam sponge to drip a little silvery varnish. To slightly blot with sponge nail that specks have imprinted. At first to try on paper.
  • To pour water in bowl. It should not be cold or hot.
  • To drip in water varnish of other color which is in harmony with initial.
  • To scatter in the formed varnish spot spray for receiving pattern and texture.
  • If 2 and more colors in water are used, then the drawing is formed by toothpick.
  • To dunk finger into water so that the nail plate has completely adjoined to floating varnish.
  • To remove residues of varnish from water with Q-tip.
  • It is careful to take finger. To dry napkin.
  • Tweezers to shoot the liquid manicure film.
  • To apply top on nail.

Marble manicure with use of film

Beautiful marble nails turn out if for drawing pattern to use food wrap. Algorithm of preparation of nail here same, as at water way. It is necessary to execute the first 5 steps of the instruction described above. It should be noted that the primary color will play in this case role of streaks.

  • To cut film small squares with the party of 10 cm, to crumple leaky balls.
  • To apply other tone, suitable for combination, on the dried varnish. This color will be primary color of stone.
  • To blot damp upper layer with film lump, creating imitation of stains of marble.
  • To shoot the liquid manicure film.
  • To apply top on nail.

By means of gel polish and brush

If there is no desire to rely on case, but there is opportunity to trace marble streaks manually, then the third way of imitation of marble on nails will approach best of all. The thin brush will serve as the additional tool. Also the lamp for gel polish drying is required.

  • To perform necessary operations on preparation of nail plate: to file, degrease, cause base. It is good to dry everything.
  • On palette to place 2 drops of top and one drop of gel polish of color alternative to basis.
  • To dissolve with brush in two tops paint so that as a result on palette three shades of color have turned out: light, is slightly more dark also dark.
  • To apply gel polish of the main tone, one layer on nails. Not to dry.
  • On wet gel polish to draw marble pattern. To dry lamp.
  • If desired it is possible to make the second layer for effect of the volume picture.
  • To cover manicure with top.

For marble design use any colors and their combinations: both as close as possible to natural, and courageous unusual. White with black and gray, pink with gray and white, nyudovy, beige, blue, pistachio. And also bright: burgundy, green, red, blue, violet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team