How to make mask on the person of cottage cheese

How to make mask on the person of cottage cheese

Fresh cottage cheese well moisturizes and feeds the skin, levels its color and relief. Depending on skin type it is possible to add various useful ingredients to cottage cheese basis - lemon juice, oil solution of vitamins, fruit puree or the beaten egg white. Varying additions, you will be able quickly to give to the face fresh and well-groomed look.

Home-made and store cottage cheese

For mask it is the best of all to use home-made cottage cheese. He prepares simply - milk is fermented by spoon of kefir or sour cream, and then will go mad in pan and cooks on very weak fire to office of yellowish-green liquid - serum. Cast away ready cottage cheese on gauze and let's excess liquid flow down. Do not pour out serum, it can be used for washing.

If you have no time for preparation of home-made cottage cheese, buy it in shop. The product of any fat content without additives will be suitable for mask. Cottage cheese has to be plastic and not too dry. You do not put on face product from the fridge - before preparation of mask it has to stand a little at the room temperature.

Masks for different types of skin

Before doing mask, carefully purify skin. It is the best of all to process it soft exfoliant on the basis of sugar, salt or fine mineral particles. Also the house srub from ground coffee with drop of olive oil or oat flakes will approach. If you want to try coffee srub, use thick of already cooked drink - it works softly and is ideal for processing of gentle face skin. Try to prepare mask for normal skin. Mix two tablespoons of cottage cheese with teaspoon of apple puree. Well pound weight and put it on face and upper part of neck. Avoid eye area and lips. On eyelids put the cotton tampons moistened in warm tea, cucumber juice or infusion of camomile. Lie down 15-20 minutes, trying that the mask has not slid off face. Then wash it damp cotton pads, wash and wipe skin with tonic. Such procedure returns to skin freshness and healthy color, narrows pores and promotes relaxation. Other option will be suitable for food of dry skin. In the blender shake up 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and egg yolk, add teaspoon of honey and a little potato flour. Accurately put mask on face for 20 minutes. Such procedure helps to get rid of small wrinkles, softens skin and removes peeling. The mask will suit also those who have burned in the sun. The fat, deprived of tone skin needs increase in elasticity, reduction of time and matting. Make the cottage cheese and proteinaceous weight possessing good lifting effect. Beat egg white in foam and in the portions enter it into the pounded cottage cheese. Add half of teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and put mix on face. In 20 minutes wash away mask cool water. For bigger effect the face can be wiped with cubes of the ice made of mineral water or grass broth. If yours skin is inclined to couperosis, instead of ice washing sprinkle the person thermal water in spray.

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