How to make massage of feet for relaxation and ease

How to make massage of feet for relaxation and ease

Nails standing and feet require regular care and massage that they remained healthy and looked beautifully. It is necessary to do such massage in due form.

It is required to you

  • Oil or massage cream.


  1. Apply oil or massage cream on hands and strongly rub them the friend about the friend to warm. Put foot to yourself on knee and begin massage with the easy stroking movements from reverse side of ankle. Slightly press at the movement up and easily conduct down. Repeat this part of massage several times. Thumbs of hands pound leg from ankle to knee from tibial bone. Repeat also several times.
  2. Palms, carrying out circular motions, you knead the side surface of calves. Having reached knee, slip hands down and repeat the movement on the other side of caviar. Repeat the movement several times on both sides.
  3. Holding foot both hands begin long slow movements with thumbs on upper surface from finger-tips to ankle. The easy movement return back. Repeat several times. Now massage the lower part of foot: the movements of thumbs remind movements of scissors. Begin from the basis of fingers and move through the foot arch to heel and back. Your movements in massage of feet have to be long and sure. Slightly press foot thumbs. Repeat few times.
  4. The pounding movements mass the upper surface of leg between metetarsals. Then continue massage of foot with easy pressing having carried out between metetarsals.
  5. The pounding movements make massage of joints of toes and pull for fingers to stretch joints.
  6. Big and index fingers with easy pressing walk on Achilles tendon. One hand take foot for heel from below, another - for small pillow of sole and slowly turn leg at first in one party, then in another. Repeat action several times. Such rotations in massage of feet will help to remove constraint of joints, especially at those who suffer from arthritis.
  7. Support by one hand foot under the arch. Put thumb of other hand on leg thumb, support by forefinger him. Very accurately, but with pressing, carry out on finger from the basis to tip and back. Repeat massage, but this time squeeze and roll finger between big and index fingers, moving to finger-tip and back to its basis. Repeat these two movements on other fingers.
  8. You hold one hand leg from below by heel. Run forefinger of other hand between toes the movement back and forth. Repeat several times. Pound big and index fingers anklebone joint in front and behind.
  9. Finish massage of feet by the easy stroking movements - vertical and side. Move to knee, then lower hands and stroke upper part of foot and sole. Finishing massage, connect hands.

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