How to make nails

How to make nails

Sometimes need to look on all hundred rises before us when we are not ready to it at all. And if the make-up, hairstyle and dress can be built quickly enough, then it will not be possible to grow up nails in several hours. However it is possible to make hands beautiful by the forthcoming holiday after all. False nails will help.


1. If you are going to get rid of nails at once after the action, it is better to use false nails on which surface glue is in advance applied. They are quickly and just attached to nail and several hours keep. False nails which need to be pasted by means of special glue can serve several weeks. However to paste them, it is necessary to make more efforts.

2. Buying false nails, pay attention to their form. They are classical (slightly curved), flat and to pronounced bend. Choose, being guided by shape of your natural nails.

3. Before pasting consignment notes, process the natural nails: remove from them old varnish, truncate and grind, remove agnails and cuticles.

4. Now process false nails, give them the desirable form. If they are too long, truncate them. Remember that the false nails are longer, the they are less durable.

5. For each finger pick up the false nail suitable by the size.

6. Take false nail, put drop of glue in its center and distribute on all surface of nail plate. After that densely press it to natural nail and take several seconds that glue has better grabbed. Do this procedure with all nails.

7. Now finally modify shape of nails nail file, remove surplus of glue if they are, and varnish nails.

8. When you want to remove artificial nails, it is necessary to drip liquid for removal of varnish under plate and to pull accurately. If you feel that the nail does not give in, just apply more liquid.

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