How to make nails white

How to make nails white

Sometimes nails lose the natural color and turn yellow, or become covered by yellow spots. It can be caused by too frequent putting nail varnish, smoking, alcohol intake or too intensive influence of ultraviolet rays. Will help to bleach nails and to return them healthy look to you folk remedies.


1. Cut in half fresh lemon and lower fingers of hands in both halves. You keep nails in lemon pulp some time or wipe them with fresh lemon juice.

2. Mix small amount of lemon juice and couple of drops of olive oil. Wipe nails with the turned-out mix – it will bleach them and to humidify at the same time.

3. The recipe of one more mask for bleaching and treatment of nails jojoba and several drops of oil of ylang-ylang includes lemon juice, teaspoon of essential oil. Apply on nails mask with cotton tampon, after a while wash away.

4. For bleaching of nails do nutritious baths with camomile broth. Fill in camomile with boiled water, draw half an hour, cool and pour in capacity for vannocha. Lower hands there for 15 minutes and repeat the procedure few times in week. Combine camomile baths with masks and vtiraniye of lemon juice – it will enhance effect.

5. Also baths can be done of sea salt which several teaspoons need to be parted in water, and if desired to add lemon juice. Lower fingers of hands in bath for 10-15 minutes. Do baths within two-three weeks.

6. If you have pink water, mix it with glycerin and three-percent peroxide of hydrogen. Apply on nails the turned-out mask with cotton tampon.

7. Mix baking soda and peroxide of hydrogen. Stir mix that dense paste has turned out. Apply it on nails, in 3 minutes wash away warm water. Besides, peroxide can be mixed with glycerin, where glycerin – 1 part, and peroxides – 5 parts, and to use the same as the previous mask.

8. Also you can use numerous professional cosmetology tools for bleaching of nails.

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