How to make natural shampoo

How to make natural shampoo

is possible to make natural shampoo which would be useful to hair and head skin rather easily and quickly. You can fill the shampoo prepared independently with those medical components in which feel the need specifically your hair.

It is required to you

  • - organic shampunevy basis;
  • - main oil for target impact on hair, for example, jojoba;
  • - for example, vitamins also repevit various active ingredients and extracts;
  • - essential oil for pleasant aroma of shampoo and impact on hair;
  • - salt solution from sea salt, no more than 20%;
  • - measured tanks and spoons;
  • - funnel for transfusion of liquids;
  • - container with hot water for creation of steam bath.


  1. In volumetric glass not less than 150 ml pour 80 ml of basis for shampoo. Put glass on water bath. Add to basis for shampoo solution from sea salt (half of teaspoon). It can be replaced with just dry salt. Salt helps liquid to thicken and promotes increase in expiration date of such shampoo.
  2. Enter teaspoon of medical oil into shampunevy basis. Carefully mix both ingredients before obtaining cream consistence and color.
  3. Enter natural extracts and active ingredients (growth factors of hair, vitamins) into the received liquid. Thoroughly mix all components.
  4. Add to structure for shampoo the essential oils suitable for your type of hair and the having properties necessary in the solution of problems of your hair.
  5. In case the number of the turned-out structure has turned out less than 100 ml, add a little basis for shampoo in volumetric glass until the volume of ready shampoo reaches 100 ml.
  6. Insert funnel for transfusion of liquids into the small bottle prepared for shampoo and pour out all turned-out natural shampoo.
  7. Use ready shampoo not longer than 1-2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team