How to make nose visually it is less

How to make nose visually it is less

of girls are to a degree dissatisfied with the appearance. Some have complex because of small eyes, others would like to have chubby lips, the third dream of the accurate hitched-up nose. However today many women have learned to do so masterly make-up that similar shortcomings seem to them only unpleasant trifles. If at you really wide, long or just rather large nose, then can help with its correction usual foundation.

It is required to you

  • Liquid foundation (surely choose the cream, most similar to shade of your skin), two tone means floor tones more dark and is lighter than the basic, sponge for drawing make-up, compact powder.


  1. Put liquid foundation on face. For this purpose it is possible to use sponge for make-up or special brush.
  2. Now we will be engaged in correction of shape of nose. For a long time it is known that dark tone considerably reduce volume, and here light, on the contrary, increase. Thus, if you want to make nose thinner, then the dark tone needs to be caused on nose wings, and light on back and nose bridge. Girls who want to hide long nose need to darken tip of nose and to show up nose bridge a little. And here just it is better for that who just wishes to make nose less to cover it with foundation which is more dark than the basic no more, than on tone floor.
  3. In end it is necessary to smooth all lines of transition that they looked most naturally. For this purpose take sponge for make-up, moisten it with water and remove all surplus of foundation. Further it is necessary to use compact powder. It will set result and will not allow make-up to begin to flow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team