How to make nutritious cream in house conditions

How to make nutritious cream in house conditions

Always to have near at hand quality cream for care for skin of face or hands, it is not obligatory to spend weekly the round sum in drugstores and cosmetic shops for expensive products, in advance hoping that their price will be directly proportional to quality of their effect on skin. You will be able quite to prepare excellent nutritious cream, using that it is possible to find in the nearest shop or at home.


The structure domashengo cream contains four components: base oils, water basis, emulsifiers and additional components (active agents, essential oils, etc.).

Base oils are, actually, the base of future product which number surely has to be not less than 30% of the general proportions. For different types of skin it is recommended to use different oils. For example, owners of dry skin most of all will suit walnut oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut, peach, apricot, olive, sesame oil and also avocado oil, jojoba or shi. For oily skin it is recommended to use water-melon, corn, almond oil, black caraway seeds or grape seeds oil, thistles, hazelnut. If you have sensitive skin, try to use oil of sea-buckthorn, rose, lemon or St. John's wort. Burdock oil will also approach.

The water basis includes only usual water distilled or boiled. It is also possible to use tea, flower or grass broth. The water basis has to make at least 60% of the general proportions. Emulsifiers connect components of future cream together. As this ingredient it is possible to use as something simple and house (like egg yolk), and pharmaceutical substances like glycerin, lecithin or lanolin. Also as natural emulsifiers the cosmetologists advise to add emulsifiers from wheat (emulyans, ksilans) to provide to cream fast absorbency. Uniform structure can give to your self-made cosmetic product with - emulsifiers, for example, shea butter, cocoa butter. For dry skin guar gum or beeswax, for fat – cetyl alcohol or stearate of sucrose, for sensitive – sodium alginate or stearic acid are recommended. Practically you will find all these components in drugstores or shops of natural cosmetics. As additional components, extracts of plants, vitamins and essential oils usually act. Here the choice of ingredients is also caused by skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, as extract it is better for you to add dry yeast if dry – extract of sunflower seeds of pumpkin or linden if you possess very sensitive skin, then you most of all will suit extracts of camomile and peony. With essential oils all it is slightly simpler – whatever type of skin you had, cosmetologists anyway recommend to use oil of geranium, ylang-ylang, patchouli or lavenders.

Way of preparation of cream

All firm components are crushed in shaving (knife or on grater) and mix up with liquid ingredients. Further the game is joined by oily basis which mixes up with water, is poured in capacity, put in pan with water and in such look is warmed on plate. After warming up add to oily basis emulsifiers (it is desirable that temperature in both tanks has reached 60 degrees), prevent until they are not dissolved, then, without ceasing to stir slowly, add still water. It is always recommended to stir slowly in one direction. Remove mix from fire, again properly prevent (you can shake up the mixer for faster uniform effect) and wait until your cream preparation cools down. Depending on the recipe you can also add additional components and essential oils in the course of stirring. As soon as preparation acquires uniform structure, will cool down and visually will begin to remind nutritious cream, it is necessary to put it in the fridge for quite long time (of week to two). Have patience, as soon as this time will pass, you, at last, will become the happy owner of the own exclusive cosmetic product developed only under features of your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team