How to make of braid hair

How to make of braid hair

Laying at which there are one or several braids will never lose relevance. Best of all braids look on long hair or locks of average length. And here African braids are capable to turn hair from four centimeters long into magnificent head of hear at the expense of laid on locks. If you are not ready to change so cardinally image, then you will suit quieter laying, for example, ""cone"" or ""the Greek braid"". However it is originally necessary to acquire skill of zapletaniye of usual braids.

It is required to you

  • The hairbrush and also is a little gel or styling foam.


  1. Carefully comb hair. Then apply on them a little gel or skins for laying. It will make them more obedient. However not costs to take too large number of means, differently it will weight hair and also will give hair stale look.
  2. If you want braids, then divide hair into parting in the middle, and then allocate equal locks.
  3. Now take one of locks and divide it into three equal parts. It is possible to begin to braid braid. The right part needs to be placed between left and central, having put it over them. Then the same manipulation should be repeated with the left part of lock. Further repeat these actions until the lock does not end. Fix it by hairpin or scrunchy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team