How to make oily skin normal

How to make oily skin normal

The fat type, unfortunately, is the most widespread type of skin both at men, and at women of all age. And, as ill luck would have it, it is considered the most problem. It is simple to get rid of the increased skin oiliness, it is only enough to follow several simple rules on leaving and treatment.

  • - water,
  • - liquid soap,
  • - srub,
  • - lotion (tonic),
  • - the moisturizing cream,
  • - cosmetics of one firm.

1. Wash Strangely enough, but regular washing contributes to clarification and normalization of any type of skin including fat. You can use both usual soap, and special means. Among them there can be skins, milk and any other liquid cleaning cosmetic medicines. They are on sale both in drugstores, and in usual shops. If all of you love soap or do not want to spend additional resources, then it is the best of all to use liquid soap. It is softer that will reduce risk of injury of skin.

2. Use srubs the Srub - it is excellent means for clarification of time and peeling of unnecessary particles in house conditions. Srubs for fat face type are on sale in any shops: not only in cosmetic, but also in usual supermarkets. Select srubs on the basis of natural components better. The means containing oat flakes, aloe, citric acid have very good action.

3. Use lotions and tonics As well as srubs, they can be bought anywhere. Advantage of lotions and tonics consists in their ability to degrease skin and to make it opaque.

4. Do not neglect the moistening means In spite of the fact that oily skin seems excessively humidified, it not so. Fat content as it is paradoxical, arises, including, because of lack of liquid. Therefore the moisturizing cream will never prevent and will bring benefit to your skin.

5. Use special cream. Counters of shops are covered with various cosmetics among which it is possible to find the mass of creams for any type skin of any age category, even for absolutely young girls and guys. Daily use of cream will be cured over time your fat by skin and will make it normal.

6. Buy cosmetics of the same firm If you have cosmetics of different producers, reaction of skin to their simultaneous use can be unpredictable. You remember it and you watch beauty of the skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team