How to make paper hair curler

How to make paper hair curler

Hair curler – the irreplaceable friend and lifesaver of women already many centuries. Ladies quite successfully used this simple adaptation to wind the hair, long before the invention of hair curlers and the curling iron.

It is required to you

  • - paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - fabric;
  • - ruler.


  1. First of all choose suitable paper. It should not be excessively rigid that hair curlers were convenient to be bent and turned. But also it is also best of all not to use excessively soft paper. Choose golden mean: as well as possible soft paper for nasal kerchiefs or draft copies not really high quality will be suitable for production of hair curlers. You, of course, can use any other paper which will come to you to hand, but it is necessary to observe some precautionary measures. So, for example, if you have fair hair, you should not take on hair curlers of the newspaper or magazines as typographical paint can imprint on curls.
  2. After necessary paper is chosen and prepared, cut it on rectangular strips. Width of each hair curler has to be not less than three centimeters, and length – about 15. If paper absolutely soft, it is possible to fold it double. Then, respectively, do strips two times wider, considering future podgib. It is also possible to make the mixed hair curler of paper and fabric. Cut out strips from any unnecessary fabric, 15 cm long and 2 cm wide, and make core of paper – rectangles of 10 by 7 cm. After all preparations are cut out, put paper rectangle vertically, and fabric strip horizontally and paper the central part of hair curler.
  3. What way of production of hair curlers you would not choose, to cut strip from paper – that is not all. That your design strongly kept on curls and has not collapsed after more or less sharp turn of the head, hair curlers need to be recorded correctly. If paper too rigid, previously properly crumple the ends of all hair curlers to add it softness. Very soft paper does not need to be touched once again. Wind locks very accurately, do not forget that you deal not with hair curlers, and with gentle products which can easily tear or soften. After manipulation is complete, fast and confident movement connect the ends of hair curler and record them among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team