How to make pink water

How to make pink water

is possible to make pink water in house conditions, having kept great aroma of house roses. Flowers reckon with strong smell and brightly red petals the most suitable. On all process of preparation of pink water 3-4 hours are required.

It is required to you

  • - petals of roses
  • - foil
  • - 2 pans


  1. To receive about 50 g of ready pink water, prepare 225 g of fresh rose-petals. You have to be sure that flowers have not been processed by chemicals. To make pink water, petals of roses need to be collected in the morning and at once to start their processing.
  2. Separate petals and wash out them in the container with water. Surely check that in petals insects have not got lost.
  3. Prepare two tanks (pans) for creation of steam bath. In the lower pan pour water so that the upper pan was 2-3 higher, than water level. In the center of upper capacity put combined glass from heat-tolerant glass.
  4. Lay out rose-petals around glass so that they were lower than the level of the glass.
  5. Cover capacity with petals from above with foil so that the plane bent to glass has turned out. The foil can be replaced with concave capacity from stainless steel, it will be more convenient in use.
  6. Boil water in the lower pan, and then support her in condition of slow boiling. On foil in the center regularly enclose pieces of ice and in process of their thawing pour out the formed water. It is necessary to watch that the lower point of concave foil or capacity was a little higher than glass, and the pan has been densely closed to exclude evaporation of pink water.
  7. Every 30 minutes add fresh petals of roses, at the same time, without taking out old petals from capacity. The first drops of pink water will appear in glass already in half an hour after boiling of water in the lower pan. In process of evaporation of water in the lower pan you add no more than 50 g of water for once.
  8. Having added the last part of petals to upper capacity, leave them on steam bath for one hour. After that you can switch off fire. And to take out the turned-out pink water.
  9. Pour ready pink water in sterile glass capacity with dense cover and put in the fridge. It is possible to use such water about a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team