How to make professional autosuntan

How to make professional autosuntan

The summer without the sun was? It was not succeeded to spend vacation in tropical countries? And suntan there is a wish. If ahead holidays or especially important event on which it is necessary to look stunningly. Beautiful and equal suntan can be received by means of autosuntan.

It is required to you

  • - srub
  • - fat cream
  • - autosuntan


1. The most certain way to receive professional autosuntan – to address the professional. In salons and tanning studios there are as completely automated cabins for causing suntan, and guns sprays by means of which the cosmetologist will evenly apply means on your body. And if you have decided to make professional autosuntan independently, then the extreme accuracy and concentration will be required not to look as leopard.

2. Choose autosuntan. It is better to buy such cosmetics in specialized professional shops in which means for use in salons are on sale. They contain more natural and not harmful ingredients. Usual shops cannot brag of such quality of cosmetics.

3. If you have light skin, then do not take autosuntan of dark shade at all even if you want strong suntan. The result of such experiment will not be pleasant to you: at best, your skin will become orange. If your skin has dark shade, then on the contrary, it is not necessary to take light shade – autosuntan just will not react with your skin, and suntan will not appear.

4. If you the beginner in artificial creation of dark skin color, gain autosuntan in the form of spray. With it it is more difficult to receive bright stains on skin, than by means of milk or cream.

5. Before causing artificial suntan it is recommended to take shower and to make careful peeling of body with srub. All excess scales of skin should be removed. Then autosuntan "will undertake" better.

6. Smear palms and the backs of brush with fat cream. It is necessary in order that hands did not seem more dark than all body. As we cause autosuntan with palms, it turns out that they most of all have contact with means. Because of it such effect is also gained.

7. Apply autosuntan with one layer on all body. For uniformity pound it lungs, circular motions in order to avoid emergence of dark strips. It is not necessary to rub strongly cream in skin. If in different parts of the body apply different force – you can receive different shades.

8. Dry means. Put on nothing at least the next 20 minutes not to grease means and not to dirty thing. If you have caused suntan in the evening, then it is better to sleep too without a thing.

9. About 7 hours later (or in the morning if "sunbathed" since evening) means from body needs to be washed away. Do not apply bast srubs if you do not want clarification of color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team