How to make professional manicure

How to make professional manicure

Today there are not always opportunity and time for visit of beauty shop. However you should not be upset about it, it is possible to make for himself delightful professional manicure also at home. For this purpose cotton tampons, liquid will be necessary for you for varnish removal, varnish high quality, usual and emery nail files, cuticle scissors and scissors for trimming of cuticle.

1. Carefully wash out fingers of hands in warm water with soap. Apply a little liquid for removal of varnish on cotton tampon and densely apply it to nail for some time to soften varnish. Accurately wipe nail and remove varnish from nails, so that they have gained the initial color again.

2. If it is required to truncate or give to nails certain form, then make it by means of cuticle scissors. To level tips of nails and to make them smooth, it is required to you usual and emery nail files. It is necessary to file under such corner that the main part of nail file fell on nail inside until the surface of nails becomes plain and smooth.

3. Moving away or removal of cuticle does nails healthy and favorably influences their growth. The cuticle at first should be softened in bath with warm water with addition of several drops of oil or the softening means, and then to remove it back, is closer to the nail basis.

4. At regular use of varnish, nails need to allow to breathe several days. It is possible to apply special for nailsand cuticles nutritious oil - it will help to keep their healthy look long time.

5. Choosing color of varnish, do not forget that it can be on your nails long time. To think over what clothes it will approach and as will look on nails at each change of situation. Nail varnish has to have own brush. Before drawing it is necessary to check that on brush surplus has not accumulated, and then put it not with preryvny strips from the nail basis to edge. Do it evenly that there were no lumps. You put the second layer in ten minutes after drawing the first layer.

6. After nails dry, apply special cream for food of nails and cuticle and easy movements massage finger-tips. It needs especially to be done at dry skin of hands. Believe, the received result will leave nobody indifferent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team