How to make shielding of hair

How to make shielding of hair

Shielding – kind of cosmetic hair care which considerably increases hairstyle volume adds it gloss, does curls more smooth and obedient. It is possible to carry out this procedure in beauty shop and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - means for shielding;
  • - polyethylene film or hat;
  • - towel.


  1. For the house procedure of shielding it is necessary to buy special cosmetic medicines in beauty shop, shop of professional tools of hair care or to order them on the Internet. The leading brands in this area are the Paul Mitchell and Estel Professional companies.
  2. Getting means for shielding of little-known firm, be convinced that their structure contains amino acids, soy protein, vegetable components saturating hair with vitamins and the ceramides strengthening their structure. Special shampoo, mask, medicine for shielding and conditioner, as a rule, are part of set for this procedure.
  3. Before the procedure carefully wash up hair, using shampoo of deep cleansing from set of means for shielding. Slightly dry locks warm towel.
  4. Apply protective mask on hair. Evenly distribute it from roots to tips. Wait some time that protective components were better distributed on hair. Before the next stage it is necessary to dry locks slightly. It is better to make it naturally, without using the hair dryer.
  5. Apply on hair medicine for shielding, evenly distributing it on locks. If your means contains dyes, in advance worry about protection of skin. Accurately grease face and neck at contour of growth of hair with any fat cream or dense sour cream.
  6. Cover hair with film or put on polyethylene hat for shower. Roll up the head towel and wait for time specified in the instruction of cosmetic set. Usually this stage takes 20-30 minutes.
  7. Carefully wash out hair large amount of warm water. Then apply on locks conditioner from set for shielding, take its couple of minutes on hair and again wash away.
  8. Hair after the procedure can be dried up naturally or by means of the hair dryer. In some sets for shielding there is special fixing means which needs to be applied at the end of the procedure on slightly dried locks from roots to tips.
  9. Minus of shielding is the fact that the effect of volume, brilliant and obedient curls lasts not for long. In 2-3 weeks the hair return to the natural state. Fortunately, this procedure can be carried out often without any damage to hair or head skin. Besides, shielding has accumulative effect, that is over and over again the result from the procedure does not worsen, and, on the contrary, improves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team