How to make shielding of hair in house conditions

How to make shielding of hair in house conditions

The modern industry of beauty does not stand still, it moves up to date, trying to meet all most extravagant whims and needs of women. It was fashionable to increase nails, hair, eyelashes by means of artificial materials several flyings ago. Now the emphasis on all natural, especially in respect of improvement of quality of hair is placed.

Hair are subject of pride of many ladies. By means of original hairstyles, unique images are created, the emphasis is placed on advantages – high long neck, beautiful cheekbones, accurate ears. But if the structure of hair is damaged by numerous colourings, waves, then no form of hairstyle will be able to create desirable effect. The companies working in the industry of beauty and cosmetology, in the beauty shops along with hairstyle, coloring and highlighting, offer such services as lamination and shielding of hair.

What shielding differs from already habitual lamination of hair in

Shielding – the procedure which has quite recently entered price of beauty shops, but already has managed to interest many women caring for beauty and health of the hair. During this procedure the hair core becomes covered by transparent film which not only promotes increase in volume, but also protects hair from influence of the external environment, strengthens and recovers them from within.

Action of lamination is directed only to improvement of appearance of hair, and here improvement and recovery of structure does not happen or occurs in smaller measure, than when shielding. And still, some time after this procedure the hair look well-groomed, healthy, brilliant and volume.

And if lamination can be made houses by means of plain gelatin, then with the procedure of shielding everything is much more difficult. But nevertheless it is possible to make his houses.

How to make shielding of hair independently

It is possible to execute shielding of hair in house conditions by means of special sets which offer in wide assortment practically all producers of professional cosmetics for hair. Such means consist, as a rule, of several components - it is medicine for shielding, the fixing means, professional shampoo, balm, mask, gloves and the operation manual of means. It is necessary to pay especially attention that it is necessary to adhere accurately to instructions and the recommendations of the producer. Before starting directly the procedure of shielding in house conditions, it is necessary to prepare hair - to shear split ends, carefully to wash out hair, to apply on them mask or balm, depending on what is offered by the manufacturer of means, again to wash up and to slightly dry them. And only after all these manipulations apply means for shielding on moist hair, at the same time strictly observing time of effect of medicine and without overdoing at all in hope to enhance effect. After the specified time the hair wash out several times again, put the fixing means, dry and stack phenom. Of course, the protective film is washed away over time therefore for maintenance of constant effect the procedure needs to be repeated at least once in 3-4 weeks.

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