How to make skin clean

Not all people have ideal skin therefore if you have visible problems - be not upset, they are solvable. It is only enough to look after correctly and regularly himself, then you will be able to achieve amazing result.

It is required to you

  • - gels;
  • - cream;
  • - srub;
  • - sea salt;
  • - clay;
  • - vitamins.


1. You carry out the daily cleaning procedures. Surely wash special means with antibacterial effect. Shower gels also have to be with mark ""For problem skin"". Antibacterial substances or various additives, for example, clay usually are their part.

2. After washing wipe face with lotion, it will narrow pores a little and will interfere with dirt penetration deep into of skin. You apply soft cream on body, it is desirable with extracts of cucumber or green tea.

3. Several times a week use srubs. They will promote renewal of cells of skin and to delete devitalized layers which quite often and are responsible for heat-spots under the keratosic layers microbes very quickly develop and cause inflammations of the skin. As srub you can apply sea salt, it not only will purify skin, but also will render favorable effect on your health.

4. Do masks of clay. Any which is pleasant to you will approach. You will be able to buy it in drugstore and the price from it rather low. Glyn needs to part with warm water and to apply to face skin and bodies. Then take peculiar mask about 15-20 minutes and wash away warm water. Clay not only narrows pores and has antibacterial effect, but also nourishes skin with nutritious and very useful substances.

5. But only clarification is not capable to cope with all problems. Also important and healthy nutrition. Exclude harmful and fat products from the diet, eat vegetables and fruit. Try to drink not less than 3 liters of water, moisture nourishes skin and protects it from presenilation. Accept any vitamin complexes.

6. If nothing is capable to solve your problems, descend to the dermatologist. The doctor will take scraping from skin, it is possible that all problems are caused by hypodermic tick, but not banal inflammation. Also not superfluous will and take blood test on the level of hormones which quite often provoke formation of pimples.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team