How to make skin color equal

How to make skin color equal

If you have equal complexion, you were lucky. But not all can brag of perfect condition of the skin therefore producers of cosmetics have put on the market set of cosmetics which will help you to become more beautiful. Besides you should not neglect ""grandmother's"" recipes, with their help it is possible to get rid of many shortcomings once and for all. As to make skin color equal?


1. It is no secret that skin is the indicator of the processes happening in organism. Therefore if you want to look good, you have to be healthy. The hormonal changes and inflammatory processes happening inside are always reflected in skin. If you are absolutely healthy, but color of your skin dim and not equal, you should reconsider the way of life. First of all the skin color is affected by addictions: smoking and alcohol. Also not in the best way improper feeding, sleep debt, harmful factors of the environment is reflected in face. Therefore to level skin color you need to watch over the health, to get rid of addictions, to master all principles of healthy food, to accept vitaminno - mineral complexes, more often to happen in the fresh air, to sleep more and to sit at the computer less.

2. Take yourself for the rule to look after daily skin. Clean, humidify, nourish skin. With it you will be helped various cream, by lotions, tonics and of course, folk remedies. Masks can be prepared independently. Take the ground wheat sprouts, mix them with warm milk, add a little honey and yolk there, well mix everything, and apply to skin for 30 minutes. This mask perfectly levels color and gives to skin dullness. The fresh cucumber and parsley will help to cope with uneven color also. Daily wipe skin with juice of these products, and in several days you will see results. If you have oily skin and deep time it is possible to wash tar soap, and in the mornings to wipe face with ice cubes with herbs. Those at whom normal and dry skin should use oils, for example, almond, wheat germ oil, essential rosemary oil.

3. Saloon procedures will also help to give to skin the equal shining color. Once a month visit the cosmetologist, it will help to pick up procedures the skin suitable your type. The most popular is cleaning or deep peeling, and also procedures on the basis of liquid nitrogen.

4. Well and of course, use decorative cosmetics. It gives amazing effect. In 15-20 minutes it is possible to level complexion by means of foundation, powder, the proofreader, it is ruddy. But you remember if you really want to look good and not to do much harm to the health choose only quality cosmetics. Cheap foundation which to lay down as plaster, most likely will not help to level color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team