How to make skin elastic

How to make skin elastic

All women watch closely condition of the skin, regularly use various means for maintenance of elasticity and elasticity. If your skin does not suit you or you care for its future state, there are four simple ways which will always help you to be irresistible. It is not difficult to use them. These ways will help to return to your skin elasticity, elasticity and irresistible beauty.


1. Contrast shower. With it you will be helped by water, both cold, and hot. If at you on head of shower the provision of strong pressure is established, then put it in this position if is not present - include water more feasibly. Changing water temperature, do by circular motions massage on all body. Approximately in month your skin it will become noticeable tightened and its elasticity will increase. So the condition of skin, blood circulation and metabolism in organism will improve. It is also possible to make massage rigid brush - blood circulation in this case too will be restored. If for you and your skin it is urgently necessary will cheer up, then contrast shower - the best means.

2. Salt bathtubs. The salt bathtub affects organism as lifebuoy: it brings slags and toxins out of organism, helps organism to cope with stagnation in the vascular system. After acceptance of salt bathtub, skin will become unusually gentle. For such pleasure it will be required to you 500-600 gr table salt, surely rough grinding. Add it at reception of bathtub and lie down 15-20 minutes. After take shower, be rinsed with cool or cold water.

3. Sports activities. Physical tension makes more effective impact on skin, than you imagine. You probably noticed that after sports activities skin reddens, there is increased sweating. All these factors well influence skin and organism in general. Blood circulation improves. Help to lift tone and elasticity of skin: jogging, fast walking, jumps. If you play sports 2-3 times a week, then it will help to return to skin healthy state, elasticity, elasticity and irresistible beauty.

4. Healthy nutrition. Also healthy food helps organism to be restored. Also porridge - one of such products is a lot of products which are well influencing our state (but not only). Porridge helps with fight against cellulitis, has properties of clarification of organism from slags and toxins. It contains 50% of carbohydrates and 12% of protein. Useful substances are its part: chrome, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. Besides, contain in porridge substances which help to digest food better. Oat flakes affect organism as srub, removing slags. At consumption of this grain in any kind cholesterol in blood considerably decreases. It contains huge amount of acids which help organism to cope with influence of adverse factors and to do skin shining, healthy, elastic and elastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team