How to make skin equal and smooth

How to make skin equal and smooth

Ideal skin - the woman's dream at any age. In order that your skin always was smooth and shining, it is necessary to know several secrets which will help to achieve excellent results!


1. In the nature very few people who can brag of ideal skin meet. Fortunately, the modern cosmetology helps to correct this defect. It is necessary to remember that to have fine smooth skin, it is regularly necessary to look after it.

2. Leaving, first of all, has to be daily. Pick up cosmetics which I correspond to your type of skin. Surely clean face from make-up. One-two times a week do peelings and indulge the face nutritious masks.

3. Sunbathing in the sun use protective creams as the sun dehydrates skin that leads to presenilation. Besides irrepressible suntan can terminate in solar burns which will soon turn into pigmental spots of which it will be very difficult to get rid.

4. If you need to put urgently skin in order and to look ideal, then it is possible to try the following recipe: dissolve shaving cream with one tablespoon of hot water, add several drops of 3% of peroxide of hydrogen. Shake up all this small brush, put on face and let's dry up. Wash away structure warm water then rinse face with cold water. Skin will be smoothed and will brighten.

5. It is possible to add this procedure with proteinaceous mask. Take protein of one egg, add several drops of lemon juice and put on face. As soon as the mask dries, wash away it cool water. After that apply nutritious cream.

6. cosmetologist. Today depending on your age and condition of skin it is possible to choose many options, beginning from fruit peeling and finishing with peeling chemical or laser. Such procedures help to improve instantly condition of skin, to smooth wrinkles and to give to your face porcelain shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team