How to make skin of body beautiful

How to make skin of body beautiful

That the condition of skin pleased you, it is necessary to work much. How it looks, depends not only on the correct leaving and what money you have spent for cosmetics and beauty shops, but in many respects is defined as well by food, and way of life. All this also needs to be taken into account if you have decided to be engaged in the appearance closely.

1. Make the long-term plan of the diet. First of all, the healthy, balanced nutrition at which your organism receives all substances, necessary for development of cages, – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. is the cornerstone of health of skin. If in it there are normal exchange processes, skin cells receive sufficient nutrition that affects their regenerations.

2. Make sports activities integral part of your life. First of all, it is not necessary to ignore morning exercises. Even simple physical exercises are capable to improve blood circulation that well is reflected in condition of skin. And if you also run about in the mornings or will register in some section or fitness club, can be sure that you will look younger than the coevals.

3. Normal water balance – the major condition smooth, opaque and without signs of peeling of skin. It is possible to restore it by means of products of the cosmetic industry and house folk remedies. For moistening of body you can prepare few times in week for yourself curative bathtub. Fill it with warm water, add liter of the warmed milk and as much grass broth from mint, camomile or coltsfoot (2 tablespoons). In this structure lie down minutes 20, and then take shower.

4. Time or two in week, depending on skin type, clean body by means of srubs which delete the died-off cages, dirt, dust, residues of cosmetics, toxins and skin fat. The srub can be bought in shop or to prepare houses. As abrasive edible or sea salt, the crushed fruit stones or nuts, bran, coffee beans, etc. will approach. Vegetable oil, cream, milk, sour cream, etc. can be basis for self-made srub. Try to do massage of body regularly. In particular, honey massage very well influences skin.

5. Bathtubs with essential oils are capable to improve condition of skin. If it is inclined to formation of eels, use oils of lemon, bergamot, rosemary and melissa. At oily skin combinations (on 2 drops) such oils as mint, eucalyptus and lemon help; bergamot and juniper; lemon and camomile; bergamot, juniper and pine. It is possible to bring toxins out of organism by means of bathtub with essential oil of fennel; to struggle with cellulitis – oils of lemon, orange, grapefruit or tangerine.

6. In the evening, after arrival home, try to remove at once make-up, wash, take shower that sweat and dust which have accumulated in day on your skin have been removed. For face cleaning use cosmetic milk, lotion or gel. After clarification of skin wipe face with tonic that night cream was better absorbed. All these means have to correspond to your type of skin.

7. Before going to bed surely you apply night cream. Perfectly will be suitable for young skin the moisturizing, containing flavones and microelements. At dry skin it is quite good to use cream with vitamins A, With and E. Zhenshchinam after 30 flyings it is necessary to select the cosmetics promoting production of collagen. And for the withering skin cream with the proteins, vitamins and microelements operating against wrinkles will be the best option. After drawing and absorption of cream surely remove its surplus from skin.

8. Do not forget also about the hands, during the day they are affected by various temperatures, water, chemicals, etc., but seldom who uses cream. Therefore to grease them for the night – the best exit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team