How to make skin on the Piglet soft and smooth

How to make skin on the Piglet soft and smooth

The woman possessing beautiful well-groomed skin causes admiration and attracts look. The perfection of image is confirmed by all means by the well-groomed Piglet who even does gait easier. How to help skin to become on our Piglet more gentle and smooth? It is important to remember that any leaving will make sense if to observe regularity.

Care for skin on heels has to be daily and to become your useful habit. This simple rule will help to prevent emergence of ugly cracks and roughness on heels. The next important point is analysis of food. Sufficient consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruit, fishes, meat, nuts, fermented milk products in the best way will affect your skin.

You remember also enough the drunk water. If cracks on heels already are, pay attention, how chronic form they have. If you carry out all cosmetic procedures regularly, and cracks do not leave, perhaps, there is other reason. For example, skin fungus, gastritis, diseases of kidneys or endocrine system. In this case do not self-medicate, and see doctor. Happens so that the organism in such a way reports about violation in work of any body. 

Daily care for the Piglet consists of several procedures: washing, peeling, nutritious cream. With peeling of the coarsened layers of skin one or two times a week are enough to do additional foot baths, masks and deeper peeling. You should not apply often deep peeling that skin could be recovered. At frequent peeling skin becomes thin and cracks can appear.

Important point - before applying nutritious cream, it is necessary to dry carefully skin, having blotted it with towel. Footwear and clothes also influence skin of heels. Footwear close too squeezes foot, provoking friction, and, as a result, callosities appear. Panty hoses and socks from artificial threads do not allow skin ""to breathe"". Skin is overdried and bursts. Also these conditions are very favorable for reproduction of microbes and fungi of foot. Therefore it is better to replace synthetics with socks and panty hoses from cotton or bamboo.

With approach of warm season leaving becomes even more careful. Choosing open footwear, prefer sandals on thong to bedroom-slippers and sandals which at each step ""line"" heel. So you protect the skin from additional negative impact.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team