How to make skin opaque

How to make skin opaque

Faultless face skin – one of the most important conditions of true female beauty. Grease gloss, enlarged pores, acne rash – all this signs of oily skin. To make it opaque and fresh, careful leaving and correctly picked up looking after and decorative cosmetics are necessary.


1. Oily skin needs careful clarification. Very often women who do not like greasy luster on face prefer to wash with soap. However it leads to the fact that sebaceous glands begin to produce fat even more actively. Such skin needs specialized means for washing – skins or gels without soap content. After their application oily skin should be wiped with tonic or lotion without alcohol. This means will remove the film which has appeared from use of gel or skin from the surface of skin will remove feeling of tightness, will narrow pores and will reduce activity of sebaceous glands. Tonics with extracts of green tea, camomile, aloe, calendula well are suitable for skin matting.

2. For peeling of oily skin it is the best of all to use srubs with granules of synthetic origin - they act more carefully and do not injure skin. It is possible to use also peeling with fruit acids, however after its use it is necessary to avoid direct beams of the sun. It is necessary to use peelings and srubs for matting of oily skin two times a week.

3. After clarification it is necessary to apply the matting funds to oily skin. Mattifying creams and fluids are produced for the person water-based. They contain the special substances which are not allowing contents of sebaceous glands to come to the surface of skin. After cream absorption, skin should be powdered the matting powder which will hide enlarged pores and will not allow to be formed to comedones. If during the day on skin nevertheless there is gloss, it is possible to use the matting napkins which will quickly absorb excess fat.

4. Also some national recipes help to make skin of less fat. Try to wipe every morning face with ice cubes from broths of camomile, calendula, mint, yarrow. Well matt mask skin from white, blue and black clay. They are put for 20 minutes by 1-2 times a week. As oily skin toner it is possible to use mineral water with lemon juice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team