How to make skin pale

How to make skin pale

In spite of the fact that easy suntan does skin beautiful and healthy by sight, many girls prefer aristocratic pallor. It is possible to achieve such effect by means of cosmetics.


1. Before you decide to make of yourself ""Snow White"", think of how you will look with very pale face. Not all are able to afford ""porcelain"" make-up. If you have by nature light skin, not dark hair (blond or light brown), gray or blue eyes - you can carry such make-up. But if you have swarty skin, dark hair, brown eyes - alas, ""Snow Maiden"" to you not to be. Though, from each rule there are exceptions. to bleach. However, and to Europeans is from what to make choice. So, purify skin and well moisten it.

2. Put on all face foundation on tone is lighter than your skin, well shade it.

3. Hide all imperfections by means of the proofreader, shadows under the eyes - by means of concealer. Pale skin has to be ideal.

4. Put on all face transparent powder with the light clarifying effect to fix make-up.

5. Allocate eye corner, space under eyebrow, to the list of nose and cheekbone powdery or cream highlighter. It is necessary in order that skin was beautifully highlighted and looked pale, but healthy.

6. At such make-up the accent has to be on tone of the face, but not eye or lip. Therefore ogranichtes only ink for make-up of eyes and lipstick of light natural shade. Instead of lipstick it is possible to use thin layer of foundation which will emphasize whiteness of the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team