How to make small eyes big

How to make small eyes big

are one of the most attractive elements of our appearance. Therefore we want that they were not only beautiful, but also expressive. Of course, it is much easier for owners of big eyes to draw attention to itself, but also other girls should not be upset. Modern technicians of make-up allow to expand visually eyes and to draw additional attention to them.


  1. Modify eyebrows. Make the line accurate and graceful. The big thick eyebrow will visually reduce already small eyes.
  2. Use shadows of light shades. It is known that dark colors distance, light - bring closer. Shadows of pastel shades are applied on mobile eyelid, and lighter – in internal corner of eye and under eyebrow. Dark tone are admissible only in external corner of eye with application of careful shading.
  3. Various nacreous shadows with the high content of reflective particles are recommended to owners of small eyes that will also allow to increase eyes.
  4. Do not use dark pencils and eyeliners. It is better to exclude black color in scale of planimetric means in general. You bring upper eyelid average and dark pencils, the line has to be the closest to the line of growth of eyelashes and quite narrow. It is better to emphasize lower eyelid with light pencil and to shade the line. On internal century from below you can also draw soft line white or light-beige pencil. Illusion of wide eyes is provided to you.
  5. Mascara has to be dense and create effect of the volume, tightened-up eyelashes. Put two or three layers of ink, let's it dry, and then create bend by means of tweezers for wave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team