How to make smooth skin

How to make smooth skin

Smooth skin - dream of many women, but not all know how to achieve it. Approach to problem with skin has to be to complex, corresponding age and condition of skin.

It is required to you

  • The peeling means - peeling, srub, tonics and lotions for washing, nutritious masks, the anti-cellulite cream moisturizing face and body cream.


1. Use the peeling means, various srubs and peelings necessary for removal of dead cells to the surface of face skin, body, hands. Srubs with abrasive particles are most effective - it is possible to use ready, it is possible to make recipes for smooth skin in house conditions.

2. Moisturize face skin and bodies. Use warm water for washing, cream lungs for the night and nutritious in the afternoon. After washing, moisturize the skin lotions and tonics and you will understand how to achieve smooth skin.

3. Use technology of wrapping for sites of skin, the most subject to dryness – for skin of hips, buttocks, shin, knees, elbows.

4. Begin fight against cellulitis – smooth skin and cellulitis are incompatible. Use not only cream, helping to get rid visually of problems with skin and "orange-peel", but also begin to remove the cause of cellulitis – play sports, adhere to diet, it will affect positively as well face skin. Using all means in complex, you will achieve smooth, healthy skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team